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Lawrence Mosquito

Number One Quality Pest Control offers mosquito treatments for Lawrence, Indiana.  Mosquitos can be extremely irritating and nobody likes them.  Fortunately in the United States the chances of getting a serious disease from a mosquito bite are practically one in a billion–probably less.  However, this does not mean that mosquito bites are fun and are not irritating or annoying.

If you have mosquito problems you should make sure that you do the following: 

  • Check for leaking faucets. 
  • Remove any standing water or puddles. 
  • Check eaves and troughs for standing water. 
  • Clean out old brush, or garbage especially if it is soaked with moisture.

You do not have to put up with mosquitoes any longer.  Number One Quality Pest Control offers quick and reasonable mosquito treatments.  Contact us today to learn more. Our Lawrence mosquito control experts can answer any questions you may have but in the end we can reduce the population by 80%. Give us a call at (317) 602-1402 today!

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I had to change pest companies because I wasn’t satisfied with my prior service. This company has done a wonderful job so far and are more affordable than my last company.

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I have a few rental properties and this company has done a great job with keeping the pests out. I plan to use them for my own home as well. Job well done!

Erin Z.

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