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Lawrence Bed Bugs

Number One Quality Pest Control prides itself in having the very best Lawrence bed bug exterminators. It would appear that Lawrence bed bug infestations are on an upswing. No one knows without a doubt why the surge of bed bugs has occurred, but we think it may be because of the greater swapping of second-hand furniture and also the close proximity of living quarters.

We think we can all agree that bed bugs are absolutely unpleasant and no one wants them. Unlike harmless spiders, bed bugs aren’t something that you can just pay no attention to. While you’re sleeping, bed bugs come out to feed on you. They do this by piercing the skin with a stylet (basically, a long part of its mouth). It uses its stylet, which has small teeth, to saw through tissue in order to find blood vessels. It will then suck blood for around five minutes before going back to its hiding place. The bed bug will concurrently inject saliva into the body of the human it is feeding on. This saliva can create swelling and cause intense itchiness.

It’s not unusual to not notice the bed bugs themselves. Bed bugs will most likely hide in small crevices and only come out at night. In most cases we’ve dealt with in Lawrence, people don’t realize they have bed bugs until they get attached in their sleep. Also, if you notice blood or fecal spots on your bedsheets, you must call us immediately. Once you think it is possible that you may have bed bugs you should not sleep in your home until it’s been treated.

If you wake up with bite marks, think you saw a bed bug, or you have blood or fecal spots on your bedsheets, you ought to call our Lawrence bed bug experts at (317) 602-1402 immediately! Our Lawrence bed bugs experts attend industry conferences annually and stay current on the latest trends and techniques for keeping your loved ones safe!

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