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Lawrence Rodent Control – Mice and Rats

If you live in or around Lawrence Indiana and are having a rodent problem we can help.  Rodents are creatures that rarely live alone. Once a rodent comes into your home or property they will normally spread and bring more rodents with them. Lawrence Rodent control...

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Lawrence Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the hassles that you might have to deal with in Lawrence. If you find cockroaches, don’t feel ashamed. Sometimes it’s not your fault at all. We’ve definitely noticed a dramatic increase in the number of people having...

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Lawrence Spiders – Removal & Extermination

We’ve been responding to a number of calls in recent weeks for the spiders commonly found in Lawrence. There are tons of reasons why people want to remove spiders from their home and surrounding area. No matter your reason for needing to get rid of the spiders...

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